What are Premium Rate Services?
Premium Rate is the term used for phone calls that are charged at a higher rate to the caller. These numbers always begin 09.  It is an industry worth over £2 billion a year in the

How do I earn money from Premium Rate?
When a caller calls your number the charge of the call is added to their telephone bill. These charges are then shared between the network operator (typically BT) and the service provider. You as the owner of the number get a revenue share for operating the line. You earn money on every incoming call to your number.

What Ready Made Premium Rate Services are available? 
Premium Rate Online offer a whole range of ready-made first class services that you can choose from. These include Adult
1-2-1, Chat, Tarot, Joke, Live 24hr Physic Lines, etc.  Full details of all of these are available on our services page along with the various tariffs.

May I run my own Service?
Yes.  Many of our clients provide their own service.  For instance many run a fax back service where they possess information or knowledge that others call for.  Some provide help or information lines where customers will pay for information, e.g., brochure request lines, financial, events, tickets, etc.  For your own service a premium rate number is simply ported over your existing fax or telephone line.

How do I set up my Premium Rate Line?
It is easy. We take care of all administration and getting you your own numbers and services.

How much does it cost?
For the ready made services and all numbers there is a small fee of £99 to set the service up, that includes a memorable number and an increased rate per minute that we believe is the best in the business.  Premium Rate lines that are simply ported over your normal landline numbers begin at only £99. 

What is the revenue share?
You will receive a set amount per minute for every call that is made to your number. The amount depends on what service you are operating and on which tariff.   See the applicable revenues with each service.

What tariffs are available?
The tariffs available are 60p, £1.00 and £1.50 per minute. Some tariffs are more suitable to certain services than others. You can earn a substantial income from operating premium rate services on all tariffs.

Why does the same Service appear to have different tariffs to call it?
Simply the choice is yours.  You might prefer to place an ad for a lower rate per minute in a publication that runs similar services for a higher rate.  This way although you receive a lower revenue per minute the greater volume of calls can overtake what you would earn if your ad had been for a higher rate.  

How can I promote my numbers?
No matter how good the idea for a Premium Rate line, it will not earn you an income if nobody knows it is there. The important thing is that you promote your premium rate line to your customer base in every way you can.
If operating a ready made service such as Live Chat, you can place advertisements in newspapers or magazines. Once your number becomes familiar and customers are happy with the service they are calling, they will usually call the number again and even pass the numbers on to their friends to call.

Can I Advertise My Number(s) Where I Like?
Generally yes.  However, a number beginning 0909 or 0908 is called a top shelf number and can only be used in such publications.  A bottom shelf number beginning with 0906 or 0905 can be advertised anywhere.  Often 0906 services are advertised in such a way that they appear just as adult as the 0909 numbers.  Study where they are published such as The Sun or Sport to see what we mean.

If a 090x Number is Advertised Wrongly Or Abused What Happens?
Phone Pay Plus have the power to terminate the service, withhold any payment due, and apply a substantial fine.

What is Phone Pay Plus?
Phone Pay Plus is the industries governing body that regulates the industry.  The Phone Pay Plus Code must be followed when promoting your numbers such as clearly stating the cost or duration of the call and providing a contact address.  Full details are available from their web site www.phonepayplus.org.uk

Yes.  I’ve Noticed That When Premium Numbers Are Advertised In Newspapers and Magazines A Box No. Is Often Given
Many persons or businesses do not wish to give their home or business address and a PO Box No. satisfies the code, you will need to promote the numbers with our po box.

Can I Call My Own Service What I Like?
Yes.  You are free to use your own advertising creativity.  All lines are answered generically so that the same line could be targeted towards say singles, swingers, dating, chat, etc.  

Can I Then Have A Different Number That Goes To The Same Service?
By all means.  However, each line is treated separately.

When Do I Get Paid?
Generally this about 45 days from the end of your first quarter.  This is to allow us to collect all monies due from the suppliers and Telco’s and to  provide a period to prevent claw back.  After the first payment you will be paid quarterly.  No cheque is issued for under £100.  If the amount due is less than £100 this will be automatically rolled over until your total earnings exceed £100.


How do I know how many minutes I have?

We issue stats on a quarterly basis and email these to you. We are now able to provide you with online 24 hours a day stats for a one off fee of just £199 plus vat to view all yur numbers.  To purchase these you can click on the ‘Business Packages’ link.


What is Claw Back?

If the number is miss-represented in any way shape or form, Phone Pay Plus have the right to withhold any payments due until resolved.

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